Deutsche Telekom/T-Systems: relavision™ enters into a new contract agreement to create a business document of a provisioning system and to conceptualize a new Development and Software integration environments

In an effort to increase the productivity and integrity of its internal developments, this telecommunications company has chosen relavision™ for the conception and realization of a new structured environment to be used in the implementation and packaging of software components, and for the separation of application systems and data into the respective development, integration-test and production environments.

Commerzbank: relavision™ enters into a new contract for the conception and development of the key Liquidity- and Risk-Management product

relavision™ has been selected for the optimization and continued developments of a mission-critical Liquidity- and Risk-Management application. The role of relavision™ is the enhancement of back-end processes based on Oracle technologies, as well as the conception and realization of a custom historical-data archiving process and system.

Commerzbank: relavision™ is selected for a key architectural role in the re-design of a storage & backup provisioning system

relavision™ performs the key architecture and development role to maintain and support it’s the Bank’s primary infrastructure applications used for maintaining its all technical resources, as well as the complete re-engineering and development of the sub-application used for provisioning of all the storage and backup resources within the bank.

Deutsche Telekom/T-Systems: relavision™ becomes involved in the developments of the Core Data Warehouse (Acquisition Layer)

Today relavision™ announces its involvement in the developments of the key Marketing Data Warehouse used within this major German Telecommunications company for planning and implementing its market strategies. Relavision™’s role is the Design and Development of to the DWH using Informatica and DB2 as the technology basis.

Lufthansa Systems: relavision™ is chosen to perform the lead architecture role for the Data Warehouse of the FACE Project

The goal of this project is the complete re-engineering of the application systems used for all core functions of an airline. Ultimately the goal is to provide the new system as a multi-hosted Airline Management system (used for Booking, Ticketing, Flight-Control, and all other related functions). The role of relavision™ in this project is the development of a generic Data Warehouse for the reporting of all Marketing and Controlling activities.