T-Online: relavision™ acquires a new Database

T-Online places its trust in relavision™ by the inclusion of several Oracle Database Administrators in the administration of its core databases used by the T-Online web application. Included in the services provided by relavision™ were: Oracle Database Administration, Backup and Archiving of critical business data, Optimization, Data Modeling and Database Application Architectures as well as Database Replication.

Deutsche Telekom/T-Systems: relavision™ wins new project for the implementation of the DISKUS Marketing Data Warehouse (Integrated Reporting)

Consultants of relavision™ are chosen to take over the main responsibility for the re-design and continued maintenance of a key Marketing Data Warehouse at the Deutsche Telecom. This multi-terabyte Data Warehouse was originally plagued with performance and usability issues. Utilizing the latest Oracle DWH technologies, relavision™ re-engineered the Data Mart, increasing the stability and usability of the system, and provided support and further development for all future business requirements of the application.