relavision™ Software GmbH is a technology services and products company specialized in the areas of Data- / Web- Warehousing, OO-Architectures and OLTP Systems. Our Company was founded in 2000 and offers Long-term experience in the Conception and Implementation of Large-Scale IT and Data Warehousing projects, as well as general knowledge of Database Technologies and Web Integrations.
relavision™ brings its well-trusted and proven experience together with your own modern IT-Systems visions to provide a solid foundation for your project success. Our seasoned IT Consulting experts can fullfill the most demanding expectations.
business man designing a database plan on a screen
The Benefits of doing Business with relavision™Software
  • Managed by Long-term Experienced Leadership
  • IT Systems with Competence
  • Experts for VLDB (Very Large Database)
  • Experts for Object-Oriented Engineering
  • Progressive Data Warehouse Innovations
  • Use of Modern IT Visualisation Tools
  • Active Technology Exchange Partnering
  • Competitive and Open Pricing

  • Long-term and diversified experience in the Information Technologies branch
  • More than 40 years of IT experience with many Fortune 100 & 500 companies
  • International Projects in several countries and languages
  • Conception through Implementation of numerous large Data Warehouse projects
  • Conception through Realization of Large Data Warehouse Applications
  • Integration of OLAP Technologies for DSS Systems
  • Experience with some of the Largest Data Warehouse Systems in the World
  • Data Modeling and Development of Web and Client/Server Applications
  • Web-to-Database Integration (including Web GUI Design and Development)
  • Project and Team Leading for Large Database Applications (multi-Terabyte VLDB)
  • Long-term Experience in the Branches: Telecommunications, Banking & Industries
  • Systems Integration (including Conception & Implementation of Interfaces)
  • Long-Term experience in most ORACLE Products and UNIX Systems