Corporate Profile

A Brief Corporate History

relavision™ was founded in 2000 by two former employees of Oracle Corporation. The two co-owners, Jens Christensen and Süleyman Karakocaoğlu had worked together previously in the Data Warehouse division at Oracle. Within the first year of operation relavision™ established itself as a solid project implementation Partner for some of the largest Industries within the German economy, addressing the needs of the Banking sector, Telecommunications and the Manufacturing sectors. In the following few years relavision™ continued to expand its consulting service portfolio, nearly doubling it’s headcount each year.
A rendering of a question mark maze

relavision™ helps its customers answer some of their most challenging business intelligence questions

In the same time period relavision™ established its name and refined it’s product portfolio within its primary offerings in the area of Data Warehousing, Database Application Design, Systems Integration and Object-Oriented, distributed architectures. It is not quantity, but rather quality that makes relavision™ the right choice of partner for your Information Systems project needs. Because the founders themselves are high-level software consulting engineers, the level of quality is guaranteed and sustainable. relavision™ takes pride in the fact that our primary customers have recognized our uninterupted service level and quality.

The Founders

Jens Christensen
Started his IT career in 1986 in California Silicon Valley, where he worked in the IT business as a consultant for many Fortune 100 & 500 companies, including some prominent Hardware & Software providers such as Apple & Sun Microsystems. In this time-frame he established himself as an expert in general Application Development architectures for Client/Server developments.

He later moved to Frankfurt, Germany, where he spent the next 5 years of his career working for ORACLE Corporation as a Senior Consultant; first for the “Financials” division and later in the “Business Intelligence & Warehouse” division. His primary role at ORACLE was the conception and realization of custom DSS & Data Warehouse projects using the latest in Client/Server and Web technologies.

Süleyman Karakocaoğlu
Began his IT career in 1990 in Germany, where he was primarily involved in the development of complex simulations applications in the medical research industry. Next he worked at the world-renowned UNISYS Corporation, where he was involved as a consultant for the automotive industry at FIAT Motors and later for the Financials industry. Through these demanding involvements he gained respect as a lead innovator in the development of Client/Server-based applications.

Later he expanded his career at ORACLE Corporation, where he was employed as a Senior Consultant in the “Business Intelligence & Warehouse” division. His primary responsibility while at ORACLE Corporation was the conception and realization of custom developments for Client/Server and Data Warehouse projects with the latest and most advanced Database & Core technologies.